Tuesday, May 20, 2003


I completed the afghan on sunday night. I've never felt such overwhelming releif and happiness at completing a project. Even my very first sweater wasn't as big of a deal as this afghan to finish. I did some math and given the number of "oopsie's" I had to fix and piles of frogging when I messed up, I spent in the neighbourhood of 100 hours on this afghan. I can hardly beleive I spent that much time on one single project!I'm very happy with the result, though. I made it to be a "couch afghan" but it ended up the perfect size for a twin bed, so that is another option. The different patterns of all the panels look really neat, and the cable edging ties it all together wonderfully. The lettering turned out alright too. Duplicate stitch on loosely knit acrylic is difficult to get straight and even, but the end effect is really nice, I think.I washed and dried it yesterday, and now I just need to make a card and wrap it up. I'm so pleased with myself! I hope the couple really likes it. I'm quite certain they will - if I had any doubts I wouldn't have undertaken a project like this! I had my brother snap a few photos with the digital camera before I washed it, so once he sends them to me I can show you all what it looks like :)

Now I'm working on some anklet socks for myself, while I decide on a top to work on. I really liked a top that is in the current Vogue Knitting Magazine, but I checked the pattern and it calls for an elastic yarn (cascade fixation) not a straight cotton like I was planning on using. I noticed something was up when the Large size was only 35inches around.....my waist may fit in that, but not my chest! I am considering just altering the pattern to work with the cotton yarn, basically by knitting it larger, but I may just find something else to make, and buy fixation or Patons Katrina to make the vogue top later.

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