Sunday, May 18, 2003

It's nearly finished! All I have left are 8 rows of nearly all garter stitch, the embroidering of the names, and weaving in a couple of names! I was going to work on the embroidery last night but I discovered I can't find the chart I drew up with the names on it. I'm going to have to rechart them today, I guess. My plan is to head to mom's house tomorrow to wash the afghan and block it out. I've been handling it so long and taking it everywhere, I'd like to wash it. Plus I think washing it will help all the stitches even out and look nice. I'm going to try to get my brother to snap a couple photos of the afghan with his digital camera too.

I want to finish this morning, so I can start on my next project this afternoon. I found a top in the new Vogue Knitting Magazine, it's a sleevless top with triangle details at each side at the waist. Very pretty and done in the round - YAY! I'm going to make it from that navy/rainbow yarn I got, my original plan for that stuff just was not working out.

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