Friday, November 21, 2003

I found a really cute hat I'd like to make for my cousins. The girl is almost 7 and the boy is just over 1, so I was having trouble finding a cute pattern that would suit both of them, but I think this will do the trick:

From what I can see it is one of those flat square hats, with an I-cord coming from each peak leading to a pompom, then the I-cords are tied over the top. I think it's really cute and would suit both kids. The girl's favorite colour is apparently blue, so I might do hers blue with white stripes and the boy's in white with blue, or something. They should knit up pretty fast!

I'm also working on designing a cap for my husband. He wants a seaman's cap in black with blue lightening bolts on the brim. Sounds simple enough, except that I'll have to do the brim in stockingknit instead of ribbing to make the pattern show. This means that the top of hte hat will have to be purled, or something to make it work out. Also I'm not sure how to keep the brim from rolling as it will be all stockingknit...........I'll have to think on this for a while.

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