Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Well the ties on my hat weren't working, so I'm going to just make them pompom hats. That's still really cute I think, and will be much easier. Given there is only one month left to christmas, I need to do easy when I can!!

My overflowing yarn stash was depressing me severely, not to mention taking over what will be the baby's space, so something had to be done. I took stock of all the yarn I have that I do not like and I've started giving/trading it away. Whatever is left (that I don't like) will be sent to a thrift shop, and I will be able to enjoy the yarn that pleases me, and have space for more as needed. I have more yarn I hate than most people own alltogether and that is just not right! I will be happy to send this stuff off to happier homes......

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