Thursday, April 01, 2004

I just finished the baby sweater I was working on. I don't want to give it away! A bit of history....I bought the yarn before I was even pregnant, intending to make this hooded sweater for our baby down the road. I had made the sweater before and liked how it turned out, and the yarn is really nice. I started the sweater early in the pregnancy, and somehow it got set aside without the sleeves or buttons done. I went to pick it up near the end of the pregnancy, but just didn't get it done. The first one I made came out REALLY small, newborn size, so once our large baby girl was born, I figured this sweater wouldn't be any good for her even if I finished it off. I decided to finish it as a gift for my younger sister, who's due in June. Now that it's finished, it's bigger than I thought, and I love it so much I want to keep it! WAH!

My sister's birthday is today, but I don't know when I will see her, so i MAY have time to knit something else for her - the 5 hour baby sweater perhaps? I feel bad, but the truth is, she's getting all the baby stuff as hand-me-downs once Teagan outgrows it, so she'll end up with the sweater later....

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