Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I'm still working on a baby set. I did Lorrie Major's Quick Baby Sweater in Red Heart Botton Twist, and am trying to do a matching hat now. I don't know if I will try booties too, I can't think of how to make the little bobbles on socks or booties. I remembered after I finished this sweater what I hate about the pattern - there are no buttonholes! The photo clearly shows buttons, but the buttonholes aren't in the instructions. I haven't decided what to do, I hate ties around babies necks, maybe a toggle button on the outside? Or really small buttons that fit through the stitches?

Next project I think will be a dress for Teagan. I am doing either the tank dress from Easy Baby Knits, or the Gurnsey dress from Cotton Knits for All Seasons. (both Debbie Bliss books) The Gurnsey will be a much more interesting pattern, but the tank will go much quicker.....I'll have to think on it.

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