Monday, January 23, 2006

Petal Baby Hat

Petal Baby Hat
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I made This Petal Hat intending it as a baby gift, but as you can see it ended up a bit on the large size. Teagan likes it, and it looks cute on her, so I'm not worried it came out so large. The pattern is written flat but I just knit it in the round. There is a wide plain patch because I forgot to remove the 'seam allowance'. The top came out nicely, too:

I really like this pattern, once I get it started it was easy to remember and just knit away. I started a second hat in some cascade fixation yarn. The yarn is pretty crazy bright, but hopefully ok for a young baby:

I altered the pattern to cut out the seam allowance which eliminated 3 stitches and the cascade is thinner yarn, so even with the same size needles it's coming out smaller. The cascade is knitting up quite stretchy, too. There is a lot of yarn so I may be able to make matching socks or mitts.

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