Monday, September 23, 2002

I'm NEARLY done the baby top for the day care raffle! I feel stupid that it came out so tiny, I must start doing a guage swatch!! That aside, it's turning out very nice. I've learned on this item, which is very cool. I got lots of practice picking up stitches, as that is how the sleeves are attached AND how the ribbing around the hood edge is done. I also got to do grafting for the shoulders - way cool! I loved how easy it was and how nice the shoulders looked, no seams! I'm about 1/3 done the second sleeve, then I will just have to "block" it and get the buttons! (I put "block" in brackets cuz I've never blocked anything before, and am only partly sure I will do it for this piece. Also I suspect I will sort of half invent how to do it as every site I find has a different method!!) I may make booties to match this top since I have more than 2/3 of the second skein left of the purple microspun. I love working with this yarn! I would make myself a top in it if I didn't know it would take about 10 years given the guage!!!

Once I finish this baby thing I can start the sweater I am making for my sister. I've changed my mind AGAIN on what I am making for her, but think I'll stick to what I decided this time. I am making THIS basic sweater in Bernat Denimstyle . I'm using the Indigo colour, which is the dark blue they did the swatch in on that page I linked to. It's totally "my sister" so I'm happy with this selection. The yarn is so soft and cozy, totally machine washable, and fairly cheap($4 a ball retail, I need 6 total). This pattern is the basic sweater from Knit It magazine, but altered to be used with a lighter weight yarn (wool ease) so it will be perfect for the yarn I chose. I am excited about making this top and want to start on it, but because my other project has a deadline, I am forcing myself to finish it first.

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