Monday, September 16, 2002

I've finished my "6hr sweater" and wore it last week. It's warm and fuzzy, but fits a little funny. I made the arm holes too tight and the whole sweater is a little short. (sigh) I think I am more of a process knitter, I get impatient with finishing and details, and then end up frustrated with the results.

I'm moving right along on my day care raffle items. I've made three stamped cards so far, and hope to do another three and envelopes tonight. The baby sweater is more than half way done as w3ell. Made a boo-boo on the sweater though. I MUST learn to swatch. I used the recommended yarn and needles so I assumed it would be fine, but my item is ending up about 2/3 the size it should be!! I didn't notice until I was too far along to rip back. "12 month" sized sweater is going to be more of a "newborn" sized sweater. Oh well, it looks really nice, and its a raffle prize so there aren't any restrictions on size or anything, I just thought a 12month old size would be more versatile.

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