Thursday, September 05, 2002

My book is here!! My husband picked up our order from the post office today so my copy of The Knitter's Stash is at home waiting for me! I'm very excited, I rarely own big fancy new books. :)

I started ANOTHER sweater last night. It's a very simple pattern for a Six-hour sweater. you knit is on huge needles, 9mm and 12.5mm, with two strands of worsted weight yarn, so it's no wonder it only takes 6 hours. I'm doing mine in some pretty purple mohair blend yarn I bought at the salvation army yesterday. Its so soft and fluffy! It's a little awkward knitting on such big needles, but very cool to have the top knitting up so fast. I'm a third of the way up the front already, and I'm going to get as far as I can on it tonight. Two women in my building seem interested in knitting and I think this would make a great beginner pattern. The large stitches make them easy to see, and the instant gratification factor is important too. I wouldn't suggest they start with mohair though, I think a cotton would work well for this!

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