Monday, September 09, 2002

I have hardly touched my new knitting book, I've been too busy working on this "6hr sweater" I started last week. Though I have put in a little more than 6 hours on it I would guess, I am using mohair, which is a little slower going. Plus the HUGE needles are a little awkward to use. It looks and feels really nice though. I only have to sew it up now. I may do that after work and wear it to stamp club tonight.

I've got to get moving on my items for the Day Care Raffle! They are due in one month, and I promised "knit baby items" and a set of "hand stamped cards". Maybe I can do the cards tonight at stamp club. I had made some but wasn't happy enough with them, so I need to make something new. The other cards I had made used stamps by a stamping company that wouldn't give me a clear answer about their Angel Policy, so to heck with them! (An angel policy states whether you can make items to sell using their designs. These items aren't for me to sell, they are for a charity raffle, but still, I wanted to be safe)

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