Thursday, April 03, 2003

I found a new project, to add to the large stack of WIPs I already have. (hey, the wizard hat is done, I need to replace it, right?!?) There is some new yarn at Lewiscraft the other day. It's called Grignasco Safari, but I can't find it online ANYWHERE! The yarn label didn't seem to have any info on it either. It's a cotton blend, with a main strand of a solid colour and a rainbow thread running through it. Very pretty and it seems like it would drape nicely for a summer top. I'm thinking either a rowan V-neck tank or a top our of the current Vogue Knitting magazine.....a t-top with split sleeves. I might go with the second one, as an excuse to buy the magazine!

I am wrestling with my growing stash. I'm planning this next project which would have me buying more yarn and possibly a magazine. I already have HEAPS of yarn at home. so much that it fills two of those iris carts on wheels, a huge shopping bag, and spills out onto the floor. Some of that yarn is, well, kinda garbage. I bought it at thrift shops cuz it was "neat" but I don't know WHAT I will do with it. Some of it is just waiting for the right project. But still, I feel guilty buying new yarn and stuff when I already have so much! How do you all deal with that?

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