Friday, April 11, 2003

I got knitting on the Safari top the other day, and decided to measure to see how my guage and math had been. It's hard to measure circumfirence when you only have a couple inches on circular needles but I could tell I was WAY off. I ripped the thing off the needles to see how bad, and it was SO far off I had to laugh. It was probably 45inches around!! (I may wear a large - but not that large!) I recalculated my guage, and cast on 46 less stitches, and things seem better this time. I don't have good measuring tools here, a piece of ribbon and a 6inch ruler tell me it may be a tad small this time, but I will measure better when I get home. It's knitting up quickly, the first ball got me 4.5inches, and I'm well into the second ball now. I love the fabric this is knitting up to. It's light and airy - but not see-thru - and the rainbow bits running through it look so neat. I can't wait to finish this and wear it.

Once I get a little farther I will try another scan. The first one (below) turned out so dark many people can't even see it :(

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