Monday, April 14, 2003

I have to rip out my progress on the Safari top and try again. THIS time it's too small. [[sigh]] This happened due to a combination of poor swatch measuring and forgetting I have [[cough]] explanded a little in the waistline recently. I did the math for the size I THOUGHT I was, not the size I actually am. There are a couple inches difference in these two numbers, unfortunately. My poor measurements of my swatch also contributed to it ending up and inch or two too small. So the cumulative effect is too big to ignore. So I am going to pull it off the needles, do some more measuring, and hope I can end up somewhere between the two attempts.

I'm contemplating setting the whole mess aside for a few days, and picking up something else to work on, since it's frustrating. (It also sucks big time to have to adjust clothing ideas to fit a larger than expected waistline!!!) I want to make a whole mess of baby stuff, several gals on my sports teams are expecting this summer. I have that cute rainbow yarn to knit with, and I know it would make cute baby things. I'm going to look for a cute but non-frilly baby sweater that would suit rainbow veregated yarn....

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