Monday, December 15, 2003

I redid the sleeve of the BPT sweater, but I haven't bound off the cuff yet. I'm going to do the hood first and see how that makes the sleeves hang, before seeing if I need to undo the first cuff to make them longer. I'm having a little trouble picking up the stitches for the hood, my stitches end up off by half a stitch. The pattern says not to use the "provisional cast on" or this will happen, but I don't know what a provisional cast on is! I'll figure something out though, the yarn doesn't show stitches TOO clearly so I can sort something out.

I made hats for my cousins this weekend:

The white was for the one year old and the light blue for the almost 7 year old, but I realised they were going to be too small. I finished the light blue one for the 1 year old boy and then did up the navy blue one for the 7 year old girl. I think the style of the darker one will suit her better anyways.

I also gave my mom a gift early. She's doing a "garden" themed christmas tree and I thought these little critters I made would be a perfect addition:

Finally, I finished up hubby's "lightening hat" last night. I have to weave in some ends and block it (a LOT) but I think it turned out ok for my first ever attempt at intarsia!

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