Friday, December 05, 2003

I splurged and bought the new interweave Knits to get the reverse bloom flower facecloth pattern. It's pretty neat, I'm most of the way through my first one. I can't find cotton chenille anywhere around here, so I'm just using plain old crafter's cotton and it seems to be working fine. It is a fairly simple pattern, but I kept losing track of what row I was on so I had to remake each of the petals at least once. They should be a good fast gift thing to make for people.

The BPT sweater I am making for my sister is stressing me out a bit. I finished the first sleeve and tried it on, mainly to check the sleeve length. The cuff is really wide and it seems way too big. It would nearly fit me, and my sister is significantly smaller than I am. I measured the bottom hem and I'm fairly close to the pattern measurements, so maybe it will all work out in the end. It's too late to start over or make something else, that's for sure. Worst-case, if it is WAY too big, I can keep the sweater and wear it after I loose the pregnancy weight, and let her pick a sweater for me to make for her birthday in April or something.

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