Wednesday, February 19, 2003

How to make frogging (ALMOST) exciting and fun!

A while back I read about a nifty way to go about ripping a number of rows at once, in Vogue Knitting I think. Basically, you decide where you will be ripping to, then at that row, insert your needle into the right half of each "V" all the way along. (This only works for stockingknit, you'd have to do it a little different for garter stitch) once all the stitches are picked up on the row you are ripping to, rip away, and the stitches all magically land on your needle, ready for you to start knitting again!

This is really quite cool to do, I always hate struggling to pick up stitches after ripping, not twisting them, not dropping any, this makes it so much easier. The excitment of this new technique made ripping out about 8 rows of my secret project nearly painless!

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