Friday, February 07, 2003

I'm trying to get another woman in our building knitting. She's friends with my pal/neighbour who I got knitting, and mentioned she'd tried to knit a little years ago. She said she couldn't "Start" (cast on) so I started a cotton dishcloth for her, knit 2 rows to get her going and packaged it with a printout showing the knit stitch in pictures to help her. I stuck the package on her apt doorknob on my way to work this morning. My friend ICQ'd me that this woman had gotten the package and was pretty happy about it, which was great! (I was worried she was just talking knitting to be polite, but it sounds like she's really interested in getting going with us) Now we can all get together and knit while we watch those silly reality tv shows our husbands hate!!

Cast on for my secret design project. It's pretty exciting and scarey to be making this up myself. I'm excited to see how it ends up!

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