Friday, February 21, 2003

Still working away on secret project #1, more than half way done now though. Still planning for secret project #2....gosh I have to get some non-secret stuff to work on or this will be a VERY boring blog.

Had a friend over yesterday (for a pizza and survivor party) and she wants to learn to knit! She's quite eager, so I will have to set up a time for us to get together, and grab a set of needles at a thrift store soon. I don't have any multiples of needles around 5mm to give her and I think that would be a good size for learning on. I do have a spare skein of veregated cotton though, so she can do a dishcloth to start. Dishcloths are great starter projects. You can do them in plain old garter stitch if you want, and they work fine even if you make a bunch of mistakes. And they aren't big and intimidating, instant gratification is a good thing

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