Friday, July 11, 2003

I got a box in the mail from my aunt yesterday. She found an old box of knitting stuff from my grandmother, who died over 4 years ago. It has about 10 pairs of straight needles in a needle case, some miscellaneous yarns, a whole bunch of pretty green wool, and 2 nearly completed pairs of mittens. The mittens are child size and adult size. I may finish them for my cousins, who are 8 and 13, for christmas. It would be pretty cool to give them mittens started by their grandmother, and finished off by me, I think. I'm also going to make my aunt some socks out of some of the green. She was commenting how wonderful a colour the green yarn was when she told me what she was sending, so I really wanted to make her something. She lives up north and the winters get fairly cold, so wool socks should come in handy.

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