Thursday, July 24, 2003

I started playing with my digital camera last night and took some photos of the camera bag I'm working on. Having a digital camera is GREAT, I can take realistic photos of my knitting, and not have to wait to finish a roll, develop it, scan them in and then mess with the colours so they don't end up too dark.

I dyed the yarn by submerging part of the skeins (did 2 at once to make them sort of match) into the dye bath on the stove, and propping the rest up on a plastic utensil. This is the lovely green colour I got from a couple of packets of "changing cherry" flavour:

Here is a photo of the skeins drying on my balcony railing outside. It shows the colours fairly well:

And here is the bag so far. See how great the colours are coming out in the knitting? Exactly the effect I was after:

I think the bag might end up a little large, but if it does I will just make it into a purse or something for a christmas gift. I have one more skein of undyed wool, and will only need part of the second dyed one for the flap and handle, so I should have plenty for a second try.

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