Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Well the socks have been set aside for now. I just don't enjoy making socks on thick stiff wool! I hope that stuff softens in the wash, if I even get back to making them.

I haven't been able to keep my mind on one project lately. I did a bit on that Bob sweater (only 1 and a half sleeves left), dabbled with the thick wool socks, made half a baby sock, and then the other day started a new project! I koolaid dyed some wool in pretty blues and greens, and am knitting up a camera case to felt. It looks neat so far though I think it might be too big. If it is, I'll make it into a purse. I have another ball of dyed wool so I can take a second try if this doesn't work out. Once I learn how to get the photos out of my digital camera I will share :)

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