Sunday, October 19, 2003

I am still working on trimming my stash. I sent one box of yarn to someone in trade for some books a while ago. (I am still waiting for the books, she got the yarn but hasn't sent them yet!) I've given some away to a friend I think will use it, I've been knitting hats out of random smaller bits, baby hats are PERFECT for this.

I finally took the plunge to try selling on ebay yesterday! I had bunches of mohair and mohair-like yarn that I was never going to use. It's lovely yarn, but just not my thing at all. So I put it up for sale, hoping someone else would have a use for it, and I could get a couple of bucks to spend on yarn I like! Here are the three auctions I put up, for anyone interested(photos link to the auctions):

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