Friday, October 24, 2003

I've been crafty lately! I finished up 3 seperate projects last night, so I'm feeling pretty accomplished. The first is the felted purse for the daycare raffle at work. I made a matching changepurse to go with it, though that didn't felt as well. The changepurse was in garter stitch, the purse in stockingknit, so that might explain it. I also feel like the strap was too short, last time I felted a bag with a strap it stretched out like crazy so I erred on the short side this time. The second photo shows the zipper I sewed into the changepurse. That made me nervous to do, I've never sewed in a zipper before. It turned out okay, the felt is forgiving for sewing, and bulky enough to work.

I also made a set of 6 stamped birthday cards with envelopes for the raffle:

And my third project was a mask I decorated for a contest at work:

The photo makes it look pink and blue, but the pink parts are actually silver glitter over a pink mask, so it's really just silver and blue. I can't wait to see what other employees did for their masks, they all go up in the bookstore monday, and there are prizes :)

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