Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I've run into another problem with the BPT sweater from knitty. I am separating the parts for the sleeves and the instructions aren't seeming to add up for me. THOUGH, now that I am looking at the pattern, to type here what my problem is, I think I figured it out! I was reading "CO" as cast off, not cast on, which changes everything! *sigh* Ah well, I can continue knitting now.....

I took a photo of the circular knitting holder my mom made me. I might reinforce the back with cardboard to make it lie flat, and I plan to put the sizes on with a pen or maybe use iron on patches or something. Right now I have little address labels stuck on for sizes. (it is hanging on one of my plastic drawer sets that hold MOST of my yarn and needles):

I also made two more baby hats this weekend. I love baby hats, they work up so quickly, and in any type of yarn really. The first one is from a scrap left from a sweater I made my sister using Bernat Denim Style Yarn which is very soft and cozy. The second is made with some mohair blend I got at a thrift shop. I have plenty left to make booties to match.

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