Friday, October 31, 2003

I'm contemplating what kind of scarf to make for my mother-in-law for christmas. I made her one last year in cobolt blue eyelash yarn and black snowflake yarn. It was super easy to make and felt and looked nice. This year I want to try something a little different, more luxurious I think. I was thinking about one of the Multidirectional Scarves in Noro yarn that are all the rage right now. That yarn is pretty nice, and in the right colours it could look pretty cool. The other thought I had was to make something using a fancy shmancy yarn like alpaca, silk or cashmere. (or a blend) I haven't worked with these yarns before so I don't know what I'd like. I know I hate working with mohair, the way the fibres cling to each other drives me batty, so if any of these other fibres are like that I'll have to consider that. I also don't want anything that's too easy or too complicated. A fancy lace pattern is out, but so is plain garter stitch.


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