Monday, April 15, 2002

AAARRRRGGGG! I had NOT made a mistake, and did NOT have to frog like 10 rounds of my sweater! The small hole I saw is just because of the stitches stretching at the armhole. I ripped it out and redid it(perfectly, I might add) and the hole is still there, what a waste of time redoing it!

Otherwise, the sweater is coming along great! I am nearly done in fact, just starting on the yoke/neck part. I may even finish it to wear to stamp club tonight to show it off.

Found a great cheap source of knitting needles on Saturday: The Salvation Army Thrift Store! One branch in particular has about 1000 needles, all at 50cents a pair (or 50cents per circular). I bought 2 pairs in sizes I didn't have, and 2 circulars, so for less than half what I normally pay for needles, I got 4 times as many! Their yarn selection was sad though. Cheapo balls of yarn, bagged singly, partly used, and they wanted $1 for many of them. (this is yarn that can't retail more than $1.50-$2 new) Ah well, the needles were worth the visit!

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