Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Here it is, my own attempt at a crafting blog. I've been enjoying reading all the knitting blogs out there, and thought it was only fair to consider making my own contribution. No promises, just chatter from me on the subject of my crafty nature.

I have at least tried most crafts I come accross. Since I was a little girl I can remember loving creating things. Not that I was ever exceptionally good at it, but I had fun. Since then, I've played around with all sorts of creative mediums. In the last few years I settled on Rubber Stamping, and have remained fairly focussed on that for some time. More recently though, Knitting has caught my attention. About a month ago I had made a bootie and bonnet set (one of the few non-square patternsI had ever managed to do) for a friend, and realised just how enjoyable knitting was! And so it begins......I have since made one sweater, and have begun a second. Both are for me, I figure that I won't mind the incorrect stitches, and after I put that much effort into something, I want to get something out of it, alright!?!

I don't have a digital camera, so I can't whip speedy photos of things into my blog entries, but they will show up in time. Once I finish the roll of film, get it developed, then scan them in, you can view crummy photos of my stunning sweaters! Aren't you excited??

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