Wednesday, April 17, 2002

FINISHED! I finished sweater number 2! It turned out fabulous, a perfect fit, and I love the colour. I wore it out to stamping night on Monday, even. I'm noticing something disturbing though....its fuzzing up! I don't know how else to describe it, there are like these clumps of fuz, in areas that might have some friction (under arms, on the inside waist) I hope it isn't a problem. I hope that it is just a little bit of surface fuzz, and not that this yarn is going to break down or anything. I haven't washed it or blocked it or anything.

I really should learn about blocking. I'm lazy, so I just wore my two new sweaters, but I keep hearing about this blocking thin you are supposed to do with new sweaters. (shrug) I need to find out about that.

Now I need a new project.....I'm thinking a lacy top to wear over a tank top would be cool, I just have to find a (EASY) pattern for one now.

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