Friday, April 26, 2002

Well I ripped out my start on the sweater last night and started again. The tension was way wrong, the thing woulda been huge, and it looked like I had messed up. I got smaller needles, and though the tension is still a little big, its better. The "mistake" I thought I saw is still there but I am thinking its just part of the pattern....when you only have a few rows done its hard to tell. And in the photo the model's arms cover the part in question, so I think I will just have to keep at it for a while and see. It's a little harder with the smaller needles, I seem to need to focus more on my knitting. This is probably a good thing as the pattern is kind of complicated, with 5 'sections' each done in a different stitch accross the front and back. I'm enjoying it though.

I also got a set of DPNs so I can try my hand at socks when I bore of the tank top :)

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