Monday, April 22, 2002

I managed to do some yarn shopping this weekend, but I sure got a rude awakening on yarn prices today! I finally made a visit to the LYS (Beehive Wool Shop) . First I must say, they were very friendly, and had gorgeous stuff. (plus I saw a sign about free lessons on sundays that I might look into) But golly the prices! One tiny litte maybe 50g ball of something fancy was $16.50! ONE ball!!! The cheapest stuff I saw was some Patons canadiana in a clearance bin for $3, its less than that at michaels right now. Wow. Trust me to pick another expensive crafting hobby to add to Rubber Stamping!

Hubby and I headed down to Value Village after leaving the yarn shop empty handed, and there I made a score.
I would show you a picture of my yarn buys, but for some reason I can't upload to geocities or any other image hosting place today! (and I dont host my blog, I let blogger do it)Anyways, here is what I got:
  • Full 'spool' Opera cotton. (prolly for crochet but so pretty)
  • 2 mostly full skeins green/olive tweed 100% wool
  • 2 mostly full skeins burgundy wool/acrylic blend
  • 2 mostly full skeins Beehive Shetland Chunky(one white one blue)
  • 1 full skein 70% mohair, 10% wool, 10% acrylic, 5% nylon in gold-yellow
  • 1 mystery skein of blue with flecks, fingering weight maybe?

And I got ALL this yarn for under $6! I don't know what I will do with this stuff, but it was such a good deal. and now I have a little stash - like a REAL knitter ;)

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