Monday, April 29, 2002

That Berroco - Paulina tank finally got me stumped. It's living up to it's 'experienced' rating, and I am feeling a little less smug. The thing is done in 5 'panels' of patterning across the front, two of ribbing, two diagonals, and one cable in the middle. So I knit away on these panels, until I get 28 rows as the pattern indicated. Now it gives me instructions for one decreasing row, which I do, and says effectively "continue in pattern until you have 48 rows, but the diagonal pattern ends." Um, so what do I do in those panels for the next 19 rows then???? I was loving how the top was looking, moving along quickly (well as quickly as one can on 3.5mm needles, and now stuck. bleh.

On a happier note, I scored some MAJOR yarn this weekend, and for FREE! Well I was at a women's show and this thrift shop had a booth with a prize wheel. I spun and won a $25 gift certificate - Woo! So I went to their shop and found 20-25 balls of Patons Canadiana in beige, white and blue! The beige was actually all in one bag with a pattern, a half done sweater, and a set of bamboo needles that the sweater-half was on. I haven't decided whether to continue the sweater or rip it out and do my own. (I'm leaning towards the latter) In any case there is probably enough yarn there for 2 maybe even 3 sweaters! I'm going to need a bigger box for my stash!

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