Tuesday, June 11, 2002

I bring my knitting to work pretty much every day now. I do email-based support so my tasks come in bursts, tons to do then hours of nothing, so knitting fills the time nicely. Its also a great break on super busy days, and a nice break for my wrists from typing. BUT today I was trying to relax by knitting, as work was frustrating the heck out of me........not a great idea. I screwed up. I frogged it and re-knit.....wrong again! This didn't relax me one bit!!!! Happily I have re-frogged, and reknit properly this time, and since got relaxed enough to continue working.

I'm trying to decide on another project to start. I'm still working on the casual tee, but I want to make one of Bonne Marie's boat neck shells. I have that new 'paper' yarn, and I also have that mystery "Dale Sahara" thready boucle. I'm leaning towards the mystery yarn, its really quite nifty looking, and I think it would suit a plainer top design quite well. It might be a bit too thin though....I'll swatch and see. The paper yarn might make a nice ribbed tank top later, I'm still nervous to start working with it, so it will wait.

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