Wednesday, June 05, 2002

I like socks! wheee!

I'm having so much fun knitting this sock. I don't know what it's just.....Fun! I like working on 4 needles, and how the decreases shape it. I'm nearly done this sock actually, just up to grafting the toe which I will try to do tonight when I get home from work. I had a couple of errors....a couple of decreases found their way to the top of the sock, but other than making the "foot" part a little thinner, It doesn't really matter all that much. I don't know if I will make a mate for it. I want to try it on first. If it fits nice then I will. The yarn (Patons Canadianna) is a bit thick so I'd use them as "wearing around the house" socks probably.

Oh and I love these plastic red DPN needles! Are they some special brand, does anyone know? They are about 9 inches long, and plastic - did I score some name-brand DPNs or are they just kiddie needles? ;) I know without a pic I am asking for incredible feats of ESP and needle sense, but I am hoping someone has seen needles like this and from my limited description can figure it out. I wonder if they come in different colours? Ooohhhh green ones would be nifty! Let me know if you've ever seen coloured plastic DPNs so I can find out where to buy more!

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