Monday, June 10, 2002

Well the socks are done! Funny thing is, my first one turned out perfect, and I screwed up the second one! Well actually, I did two extra decreases in the foot of the first one, but hubby said that made it fit better. The second one didnt have those decreases (cuz I really don't know how and wear they happenned) plus I somehow had about 6 extra rows in the ankle, so its longer! Ah well, for my very first pair of socks, on some thrift shop yarn, I'm happy! I chucked them in the wash to see how they'd do but I haven't looked at them yet.

I had to head up island this weekend for a lacrosse game, and did some yarn shopping on the way. I found the most amazing yarn shop! I was awestruck....They had every type and stage of yarn, from unspun, to the fanciest of novelty yarns. The store was packed with wool and supplies. They had all different needles (brittany, bamboo, plastic, metal, turbos, etc) and I just didn't have enough time (or money) to fully appreciate it. I did pick up some cool yarn from the clearance bin, 8 skeins of Phildar Paper Phil in a pretty blue at $3 (canadian) each. Has anyone used this stuff before? Its really light and papery, almost like Jcloth I guess. I thought it would make a great lightweight shell.....any suggestions on a pattern?

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