Friday, July 12, 2002

Grrr.....blogger ate my post from yesterday!

I worked on the star necklace more last night. ran short on thread and didnt feel like knotting it to add more, so I only did 7 stars, and am just finishing with a strand of beads. It looks pretty neat! I just need to get some jewelry fasteners to finish it off now.

I have a lacrosse game on today, then birthday dinner at mom's place (YAY!), and sunday has a lacrosse practice, grocery shopping, and dinner at the in-laws, though I can take my knitting there. I usually don't get a LOT of knitting done at the in-laws' place, my brother-in-law's big black lab thinks he's a lap dog and has a particular love of yours truly. (and I love the mutt so much I can't bear to discourage him!)

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