Tuesday, July 02, 2002

I wore my new boatneck shell on the weekend....and got an awful sunburn!! Oh well, I got some great compliments on it. ("you MADE that??? It's gorgeous!!") so it makes up for the pain of the burn! The evil yarn from heck came out really nicely, and the top looks quite luxurious actually. I wish I had a digital camera so I could share pictures. I have to wait for the film to be developed and hope my crappy camera took ok photos!

The style is so flattering for me, and the size just about perfect, so I'm making another one! Now that I understand the pattern and everything, it should knit up quite fast. This one is in Paper Phil in a pretty light blue. It's an odd yarn, quite like J-cloths, but should make for a nice light summer top. I was hesitant to use it though....I'm really cheap and I worried about "wasting it" on a basic top. Still I paid under $30 for 8 skeins, and I will probably only need 6 for the top. And it is fun knitting with something different than basic acrylics!

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