Monday, July 22, 2002

Ripping out the boat neck tank was a trying experience. I was within an inch or so of finishing the front, I had to rip out 4 full balls of knitting - ouch! Plus I had to do it carefully because it was a novelty yarn that would tear and stretch if pulled too hard. BUT I did it, and I think ripping will be less painful in the future :)

So I started again on circular needles and I am so happy. I just love working on circular needles. I love how compact they are for packing to work, how they balance the work, how you can just knit and knit, and stop anywhere, not having to work to the end of a "row". I really hope this piece works out, it would give me the confidence to convert more patterns to circular I think!

I also went to the LYS this weekend, and picked out a neat jaquard sock yarn: DGB Confetti 100. I can't remember which colour I got, but it's a mix of blues, might be 237, I just can't remember. I bought som pretty pearly size 2.25 DPNs too. They are so tiny, but that is what the shop ladies reccomended. (actually they said size 2 but I could get away with 2.25) I'm still uncertain how just about any pattern will work with the yarn to make the pattern like they said, but what the heck. They will be a christmas gift for my mother, assuming all goes well!

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