Monday, July 15, 2002

I have the bestest husband ever!! He planned a surprise birthday party for me at my mom's place saturday night! I knew we were going there for dinner and thought my aunt and cousins might come, but he invited a bunch of our friends, and his parents and brother too! I was so surprised and happy!

Everyone had a wonderful time, and I got lots of great gifts: bike panniers, bike rack, other bike accessories (I started biking recently), a cool lacrosse stick bag full of [lacrosse tape, a ball, shin guards for hockey, and a waterbottle] rubber stamps and handmade paper, a wooden box full of seed beads and cord, and a votive holder with a michael's gift certificate inside! My husband is also getting me a new field hockey stick, but I have to come with him to pick that out. (Wow, looking at that list I feel like quite the athlete now!) What a great birthday! (and the actual date hasn't even come yet, that's tuesday)

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