Friday, July 26, 2002

Knitting a simple pattern in the round is great for "tv knitting" which is my favorite. You count rows less often, and only do knit stitches, so there isn't nearly as much need to look down at your hands! Case in point: I knit quite a bit on the boatneck shell last night while watching Amelie! (which, I must say, is a wonderful movie! I laughed out loud so much!) The movie was in french with english subtitles, and there was so much going on, so many little details, that I had to read every word. I had no problem, I only had to look down to check off rows as I did them, and when I changed to a second skein. Nifty!

I'm going shopping tonight for tons of makeup and stuff from The Body Shop! I am vegitarian (for health reasons, not ethics) and learned about some of the nasty animal products in my makeup, plus most of it is getting quite old anyways. As part of my birthday present, my husband is buying me a whole whack of animal-friendly makup to replace my crummy old stuff! I'm not ready to go vegan, or replace everything in my home, but this is a step I'm taking so I can feel better about what I put on my face in the mornings. I've been emailing the body shop all week about their ingredients, to find out which are good, and what to avoid, and I'm ready to go shopping now!

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