Friday, July 19, 2002

Well, the boatneck shell I'm working on is not going well. I just this morning realised I don't have enough yarn. I measured it against the last one I made, and it would have been too big anyways! (this yarn has a bit bigger guage I guess). I guess that's a good thing, it means if the yarn will stand up to tinking okay(I'm worried it won't) then I will probably have enough yarn to make a smaller version, since I was only going to be about half a skein shy. I REALLY wanted to make this shell "in-the-round" too because I hate seams and sewing, loved working on circular needles, and the pattern seemed simple enough to be a good candidate for converting. But I was too scared to try. Perhaps this was a sign that I should have gone for it??

Anyways, if I can tink this yarn without destroying it completely (unravelling a few rows yesterday to correct an error was pretty hard on it) then I'm going to start again on circulars! I just have to sit down and rework the pattern. Does anyone know how to figure out how much to decrease to cover for side seams? I need to make it an inch or two smaller around I think, just to fix the size, and an inch shorter, but how much more for the seams? Once I figure it out Im going to rewrite the whole pattern out so that I can check it off as I go, I don't want to lose track. Wish me luck! (and offer me tips if you have any, please!!!!)

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