Thursday, December 04, 2008

Holidailies Day 1

I've gotten a pretty neat knitting opportunities lately, that I mentioned breifly in another post. Through a connection in my knitting group I've been asked to knit baby and children's hats for a local shop! I feel really good that my work is thought that highly of, and that I have been given total creative freedom in designing the hats, as well as some mittens. Total creative freedom is stressing me out a bit, as I want to make sure they are GOOD, so I'm working extra hard to make really nice items. They're providing the yarn, and paying me up front for each item, which is really nice.

I mentioned this endeavor at work and my supervisor immediately requested I knit a hat for a friend of hers who was becomming a grandparent. I had some leftover Cascade Sierra, a lovely cotton/wool blend, so I knit something up. She was pleased, and paid me $20 for it happily! I have a second savings account I wasn't using, so knitting-earned monies are going directly in there to fund guilt-free knitting shopping! I'm pretty pleased with how the hat turned out:

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