Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holidailies Post #6: Winter 08 Knitty!

The new knitty magazine is up, an exciting time for any knitter. This magazine consistantly offers a large variety of patterns, in a variety of skill levels and styles - all for FREE! The photos are great, the instructions complete, and the magazine is popular so you can always find someone else knitting the same pattern you are interested in. The server is still pretty slow, what with 8-trillion knitters accessing the site, but I managed to get on to see the patterns.

I LOVE Amused, which is a top-down seamless pullover, with a deep neck and cabled detailing for the collar. It is a 3/4 length sleeve, I might want full length, and the long ribbed panel at the waist worries me a little. It could either be slimming, or cling too much. Some speedy knitters will no doubt finish it before I have a chance to start, and hopefully I can get a better idea of how this looks knit up in a size L.

I had pretty much decided to knit the Cable-Down Raglan, and even purchased enough Cascade Superwash to knit it up. But I'm seriously considering using that yarn to knit up Amused. I feel like it might be a better choice for my personal style and body shape. The cables in the raglan appealed to me, but I'm not sure they'd look good on my not-so-tiny self.

I like the Fish Hat and may knit that for my son at some point. Amelia is really pretty, though I'm not sure I'd knit that one. There will be a pair of Fargyles socks in my future. How can I not knit such a fun pattern, written for DK weight yarn - speedy socks!

Both Poinsettia and Maja caught my eye as beautiful things I'd love to knit, but I just wouldn't wear them myself. Perhaps one or the other would be a good item to donate to the tea festival fundraiser this winter? What do you think - would folks bid on either of these?

I can't wait to get my knitting "to-do list" cleared off so I can tackle some of these new patterns!

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