Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holidailies Post #9: Snow!

It's snowing outside! Really and truly snowing. They've been forcasting it for days, but I never believe it until I see it. Living in Canada, it seems strange that snow is such a big deal to me, but here on the west coast we rarely see the white stuff. A white Christmas is rare, so snow near christmas gets folks excited.

I am not a huge fan of snow. I don't like people driving in it, I hate feeling stuck at home, worrying about how to get places, and what we'll have to cancel. Since we rarely see snow here, no one knows how to deal with it, and driving can be dangerous. I'm worried about my neice's birthday tomorrow, up island over the mountain, grocery shopping in the morning, work on Monday.

But it sure is pretty, the white blanket over everything, christmas lights glittering through the blowing flakes still falling. For now, I'm just going to bundle up on the couch with my husband and my knitting, and deal with the worries tomorrow.

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