Sunday, December 07, 2008

Holidailies Post #3:

Well, yet another of my commissioned hats didn't turn out quite right. My "18-24 month hat fits my GIANT melon-head 2.5yr old son, and not snugly. Yeah, I probably should have measured it sooner, it's too late to fix without ripping the whole thing out now. so I'm going to finish it up big, and hope they don't mind having a bigger hat on hand. They were clear they didn't want more of the smaller (birth-18month) range of sizes. The colours are pretty, and it's a nice enough hat, just big.

I'm having some muscle issues that give me a lot of leg pain lately. My running has been curtailed by this, obviously. I'm missing the runs (did I honestly just type that?!?) but I don't want to get badly hurt. The massage therapist says it's "congestion" and I need rest and elevation. Thankfully I can knit with my feet up on the couch!

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