Monday, August 12, 2002

I ripped back the sock and got rid of a couple of increases and it seems to be fitting a bit better now. I've got about 4 inches done now, it looks really neat! It goes a lot faster than I thought it would on 2.25mm needles and this tiny yarn.

And now for something different, photos of my "garden":

It's not much, but it's something! I only planted the beans a short while ago, jealous of my neighbour's carrots and herbs. My mom gave me the tomato plant. The beans are doing much better than I expected....I used some old seed I found, probably at least 2 years old, and planted some morning glory seeds with them too, thinking I'd only get a few plants and needed to fill them out! Now I see I am going to have to thin them out and move a couple of the plants to another pot. I love growing things! Next year I am going to plan early and have all sorts of things growing on my balcony.

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