Wednesday, August 14, 2002

My sock is coming along nicely. It seems to fit pretty nicely now. I took my sock to the Dr's office on Monday since I was early, and my doc was teasing me about it. "Ooooh, aren't you getting all domestic!" but he was impressed with the sock thus far.

I'm thinking more about getting started on the sweater for my sister. (christmas present) I'm thinking more and more that this Berroco pattern might just do it:

But I don't like the fuzzy cuffs. Well, I do like them, but this is for my sister and I think she would hate them. Do you think I can just leave them off, and knit the sleeves and body a little longer in the pattern stitch? I'm worried about it looking funny or rolling up is all, but since the whole sweater is a sort of rib, it might be okay. OR, does anyone else have a good pattern for a ribbed, fitted sweater along these lines?

I also need to pick a yarn. I want her to really like this top, so i want to make it out of something nice, but it has to be machine washable. "Lay flat to dry" is fine, but I don't want to give her something she'll never wear since it's too hard to care for! Does anyone have suggestions for a nice yarn, something that feels really nice, but will have a little drape to it so it fits nice? The pattern suggests "Sensu-wool" but its hard to care for.........

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