Friday, August 16, 2002

I'm not happy with my socks. They have this silly pointed toe! (If you look down to last friday's post you can see a photo) I'd been ignoring that pointy toe, because I was so enamoured with the jaquard pattern as it emerged, and enjoying the tiny needles. But I am getting to the heel point on the pattern I'm following and the pattern sort of disintigrates for me. I'm doing the pattern from and it does NOT explain the heel very well at all! I don't have a clue what to do. So I am contemplating ripping the whole damn thing out and starting over on a new pattern. This one looks good, but is done on 2 circulars. I spent a few bucks on getting these nice 2.25mm DPNs so I don't really want to have to buy more needles. What's a gal to do? Does anyone have a suggestion for me? A toe-up pattern with better heel instructions? A different toe-up pattern I can use? HELP?!?!?

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