Thursday, August 01, 2002

Okay, it's official, Boatneck Shell #2 is a flop. I finished it last night, and it turned out horribly. The sleeves are a little small (and I didn't do the finishing on them even), it's way too wide, and way too short. Oh and the neck is snug too. [cry] That yarn was not fun to work with and I SO wanted the top to turn out. There really is no way to salvage it, the yarn will not stand up to another frogging, not that I would even have the heart to try. I'm going to try shrinking it in the wash, to see if I can bring in the width some, make it a crop top or something. (not that I would wear one)

So now I need a new project, and I need to work with a more "normal" yarn for a change. All these novelty ones are driving me crazy!

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