Friday, August 02, 2002

I've left the knitting be for today, may pick it up again this weekend, and moved my focus back to beading!! I found another nifty pattern to try: Sweetheart Necklace. So far its turning out very nicely. I'm using dark blue beadsfor the hearts, and pearly-clear beads for the rest of it. I'm almost halfway done already, and I brought it to work with me since it looks like another slow day. (yet again I am happy to have my own office in a remote place where no one comes in!)

I have questions for all you beaders though. When you are doing a project like this, where you are doing more than just stringing beads on, and need to make a starting point, how do you not run out of thread?? I mean, I can't very well work with 4 yards of thread on my needle, but if I use a manageable amount, I run out when the necklace is about 5 inches long! What I did so far on this heart necklace is start and have as much thread as I could manage, but didn't cut it from the spool, so the spool is still attached at the end I started from. Then when I ran out of thread, I unrolled a pile more and started working from the other end. It's working well so far but I still don't know if I will have enough thread to finish the necklace. I'm super bad at joining too, I don't know how I would join in more thread. Ideas?

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